Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Picked myself up a stack dado blade.

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Finally broke down and picked myself up a stack dado blade. I brought it home and immediately celebrated by cranking out a tenon.

Why a tenon, you may ask? Because I've watched Norm Abram's make a million of them. Norm's New Yankee Workshop is an amazing show. Only in my wildest dreams, would I ever have access to the wood he uses, but I digress.

Sure, I could have done one with about 10 passes on the regular blade. The thought of making these by chewing an eight of an inch at a time was too daunting I guess. I could have also used a tenoning jig (self made or store bought). There is something so thrilling about watching a whole 1/2" of wood disappear at once.

Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate.

Stay tuned, I'll soon be sharing my adventures in making and using a box joint jig.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Retrospective: Shaker oval box class by Brent Rourke

For our 1st anniversary, my wife signed me up for a class at The Barn in Bloomfield in september 2008. This is the workshop of Brent Rourke. He has become world famous for his shaker boxes. His company ships his works all over the world.

Chicago eatery Sepia recently asked Brent Rourke to design a take-out box for clients of their neighbor, designer Maria Pinto.

Taking this course was quite an honour and all though the course is for up to 8 people I was blessed by the scheduling fates to have selected a date with no other participants. He , understandably could have rescheduled me, but did not.

If your in the area, visit the Barn in Blomfield. If you have the time and interest, take the workshop. If you have neither, visit his site. It's well worth it.

Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate

PS: Thanks to my sweetheart for the gift. It was the experience of my woodworking lifetime.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All finished, but for the finish.

I'm a little late in telling you all about this but my table is built. Here you see it in its "take a step back and look" phase. All that is left, at this point, is the fine tuning. I still neet to adjust the drawers and even out the feet. The last step being the sanding and painting. As this table is a gift for my wife, I think we will be opting for a lightly distressed antique white finish with the glass knobs seen in the picture. It's been a real fun project.

Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Table Legs

table legs
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The balusters have been transformed into table legs. I made a jig to hold the spindles just right as the mitre saw cut them all to length.

Next step is to assemble the body. I'm going to be using some poplar I have lying around. It will probably have 2 small drawers seperated by a dust frame.

More pictures to follow.
Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate

Stair Balusters

Stair rail spindles
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I've almost got the essentials from my workshop moved in to our now cleared basement. To celebrate I've decided to build a table I had promised my wife before the ice age we call Canadian winter started.

I picked up these balusters at the local Habitat for Humanity RE-Store.

Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate