Monday, April 6, 2009

Mission: Mission Mirror

Mission Mirror
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Just off our foyer is the most visited room in our house. It's very often the first and last stop our guests make when stopping by.

Last year, my wife made it her mission to spruce up the room cosmetically. It started with painting the upper half of the room a subtle blue. She did a spectacular job. We then moved on to add a molding where the tiled portions end. The contemporary plastic accessories left by the previous owner were replaced with chrome piece more akin to luxury.

The last thing we had to tackle was replacing the 8" x10" locker mirror hung hastily as a poor substitute. This project was tasked directly to me by the master of our lovely wife.

I've always been a fan of mission style furniture. It lends itself well to the style of our home. The project is held together with pocket screws and was sanded smooth before finishing. We opted for a medium darkness stain to enhance the oak's natural beauty.

Once completed, the frame was sent of to the glazier to have the mirror expertly cut and mounted.

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Curio said...

Love the mirror and the improvements to the loo! Look forward to seeing more of your great craftsmanship.