Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Retrospective: Shaker oval box class by Brent Rourke

For our 1st anniversary, my wife signed me up for a class at The Barn in Bloomfield in september 2008. This is the workshop of Brent Rourke. He has become world famous for his shaker boxes. His company ships his works all over the world.

Chicago eatery Sepia recently asked Brent Rourke to design a take-out box for clients of their neighbor, designer Maria Pinto.

Taking this course was quite an honour and all though the course is for up to 8 people I was blessed by the scheduling fates to have selected a date with no other participants. He , understandably could have rescheduled me, but did not.

If your in the area, visit the Barn in Blomfield. If you have the time and interest, take the workshop. If you have neither, visit his site. It's well worth it.

Lucky @ Firefly Creek Estate

PS: Thanks to my sweetheart for the gift. It was the experience of my woodworking lifetime.


SassyScraps said...

This was one of the best gifts that I have ever given. Greg was so thrilled to be able to spend time in Brent's workshop. The three beautiful boxes are a reminder of our wedding day and the years of happiness that we have to come.

Curio said...

What a beautiful post! And an interesting story as well. I was lucky enough to see the boxes pictured and they are perfectly crafted.