Friday, April 3, 2009

The beginning End Table

End Table
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I thought I would blog about getting back to basics today. My shop is presently in a state of distress. It's been burried deep in frozen clutter. I have finally ventured into the garage to survey the mess. The relics of summers past are beginning to thaw out.

I have begun no new projects so far. Here you can see an end table that was created last year. This is one of a matching set. It marked my beginning into furniture making. It was put together with culled lumber from the bin at the local home improvement store.

No plans used. They started with a need for two tables to be used on the front porch. The legs needed to be tapered, so a tapered cutting jig was thrown together. Normally i'm very methodical and deliberate in my approach, but there is something very zen about working in this unstructured way. Simply woodworking for the sake of woodworking.



Curio said...
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Curio said...

So glad to see you blogging and I look forward to following your many interesting projects. The table is gorgeous!

Manspace said...

My kind of table. Shaker and own made from materials at hand fitted to a space kind of.
Keep making.